Partial Recent Game/Project Discography

-Untitled Game - KO-OP Mode confirmed for Steam Early Access Prototype created at TOJam '14 (Sound         Design+Music)
-Felix and Rover - Graeme Lennon/Nick Rudzicz (TOJam '14/Music)
-Gizmos: Christmas Edition - Western Software Technologies/Big Fish Games (Winter '14 release/Music)
-Gizmos: Halloween Edition - Western Software Technologies/Big Fish Games (Fall '14 release/Music)
-Whatever You Can Dream Of - Interactive/adaptive audio/art collaboration with G.P. Lackey
-Gizmos: Riddle of the Universe - Western Software Technologies/Big Fish Games (Music)
-Penguin Game Prototype - Joachim Despland/Carolyn Jong (TOJam '13/Music+Sound Design)
-Misc Prototypes - KO-OP Mode (TOJam '13/Sound Design+Music)
-Wurfelwerfen - Kenny Backus (TOJam '13/Sound Design)
-Architecture Game Prototype - G.P Lackey + team (Quebec Game Jam Aug '13/Sound Design)
-Platformer Prototype - George Brown College students/Chansey Chen + team (GGJ '13/Sound Design)
-Alien Llama Herding Simulator - Jochaim Despland/G.P Lackey - (TOJam '12/Sound Design+Music)
-Museum Metropole Trailer/Prototype - Michel McBride-Charpentier/G.P. Lackey ('13/Music)
-Cabin Prototype - Stephen Ascher/G.P. Lackey (Fall '12 Game Jam/Music)
-Construct 2 adaptive audio programming demos


Berklee College of Music - Film Scoring (Multiple Scholarship Recipient/Honours Graduate/Dean's List)

Has worked professionally with Canadian talent: Anthony Carone (Ill Scarlett, Arkells), Tad Winklarz (Chalk Circle), Ewan Dobson, Glen Drover (Megadeth/King Diamond), Denis Chang (Stochelo Rosenberg, Andreas Oberg), Leah Daniels, Shawn Drover (Megadeth), Justin Faragher (Dave Martone, Daniel Adair), Levon Ichkhanian, Bobby Edwards, Josh Priess, and many others.

And international talent: Jennifer Batten (Michael Jackson/Jeff Beck), Jon Finn (Boston Pops), Alex Holzwarth (Rhapsody of Fire, Kamelot), Jacob Hertzog, Louis Cato (Stevie Wonder, Marcus Miller), Keigo Hoashi, Bjossi Klutsch (The Berlin University of the Arts)


Adam's love of music become realized at age 11 after beginning to play his parent's instruments around the house. He also commandeered their wide record collection which included everything from Simon and Garfunkel, to Andrew Lloyd Weber, Bach, The Beatles, and Rush. Adam's multi-instrumental abilities and diverse tastes led him to perform in a wide range of musical settings in his teens and eventually to pursue film scoring on scholarship at Berklee College of Music.

Since then Adam has worked professionally as a live performer, studio engineer, guitar tech, and transcriber/ engraver for many Canadian and international musicians.

Adam has also been a private instructor for nearly 15 years and a tutor while at Berklee College of Music. Students include those who have attended or taught at Humber College, York University, Mohawk College, Metalworks Institute, Fanshaw Music Program, Berklee College of Music, Institute of Contemporary Music Performance and others.

With the recent progress in game design technologies Adam has spent the last few years focusing on creating sound and music for both experimental and commercial video games/interactive media. He also releases video game covers from time to time, and has plans for educational material involving the analysis of game audio.

e. adam(dot)koopmans(at)gmail(dot)com
c. 905-299-9052