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Contemporary Music Education Specialist


Teacher Bio


Graduate of Berklee College of Music, Somatic Voicework™ at Baldwin Wallace University, and Masters of Music Education at Western University, Adam brings nearly 20 years of music education experience. A lifelong student of music, he currently studies voice online with Melissa Cross (Zen of Screaming) in NYC and music production courses with professional engineers.


Adam teaches working professional musicians, college/university music majors/graduates, public education music teachers, as well as passionate beginners, many how have gone to to regional arts programs and majority of the province’s post-secondary music programs.


Adam’s approach prioritizes strong fundamentals and functional training and incorporates often overlooked mental and physical aspects related to musical ability. He specializes in contemporary styles (rock/pop, jazz/improvisation, singer-songwriters, etc). He teaches multiple groups for students to play together and works with other teachers pairing student to create bands and ensembles. He hosts the Spot 1 jam that takes place twice a month and gives students regular opportunities perform live in a comfortable setting. ​

"you’re a rarity that can shred and actually sing high sh*t" - David Immerman (guitarist for Avril Lavigne)

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